Engaging way to Teach Vocabulary!

I should start off my saying that this is really an engaging way to have your STUDENTS teach vocabulary!

I used this strategy almost weekly for introducing new vocabulary to my students in 3rd grade. Our school uses the Journey’s curriculum for ELA, so my vocabulary words came mostly from there!

After introducing the new vocabulary words for ELA, my students are broken into groups to reteach two of the new words. They can do so however they choose (within reason, of course).

Some of the favorite ways included:

  • Modeling the word using play doh or other art mediums
  • Creating a Skit
  • Creating a mini-lesson to teach
  • Creating a short video (usual on Seesaw)

They LOVED doing this and it’s a really great way to grow those soft skills. While doing this activity they were working on:

1. Collaboration

2. Creativity

3. Communication and public speaking

4. Applying the new vocabulary words beyond the context of the book

It’s a great way to practice and engage students with their new vocabulary words!

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