Right before Thanksgiving break last year, our 3rd grade students created and ran our first ever Friendsgiving! With a little guidance and scaffolding, they created invites, researched meal ideas, came up with a 4 course meal plan, manipulated recipes by doubling or even tripling them, cooked the food, made menus or ordering cards, created decorations, cleaned the cafeteria, and served the guests.

It was a huge success!

Being in a small community and considering most people still had to work, we were shocked at having a turnout of around 60 people!

This also created an opportunity for them to talk to family and community members about our Toy Drive PBL that was coming up. They had donation boxes at each table ready for those willing to donate for the cause. They were very persuasive and were able to get almost half of our donations for the Toy Drive by this event alone!

It was a wonderful day and really reminded me how truly grateful I am for my school, my students, my admin, and my amazing co-teacher (@luaus_and_learning).

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