Tips and Tricks

Teacher Tip: use silent hand signals for commonly asked questions in your classroom! I started doing this a few years ago and it really has cut back on random blurts and interruptions! I have many different styles of these posters available in my store, if you are interested! I will do special requests as well – just email me at !

• T E A C H E R • H A C K • F R E E B I E • I used to print a weekly to do list every week, but decided to switch it up (and help the 🌎). I have made these weekly cards that I have laminated. I will print activities on them that I need to do every week and then add the rest with an expo marker! Easy peasy! Grab these templates for free from my store!💛Check out my Instagram stories under “Tips” for more info! 

• F R E E B I E • Who needs help organizing their mornings, afternoons, really ANYTIME during the day? 🙋🏻‍♀️ In my store, you can grab these back to school themed slides with (drum roll) TIMERS ⏱! Did I mention they are free? 💛 Check out my YouTube video on how I use slides like this one to facilitate mornings and morning meetings! 

• T E A C H E R • T I P • 
I got these magnetic holders from the @dollartree and am using them to hold dice! You could have the kids shake the dice in the holders to prevent them from losing them, or you can simply use them as storage for centers! 🎲

What I do for bathroom passes is: 1️⃣ A student would show our hand signal and I say yes or nod 2️⃣ That student would then write their name or number on the whiteboard 3️⃣ They would then take one of the bathroom passes. They can choose to hold it or wear it on their arm, but it should be visible. 4️⃣ When they come back to the classroom, they put back the pass and erase their name. By doing this, I know what students are out of the room. Also, staff members that see the student in the hall know exactly where they should be and can direct them as needed to make sure they are following hallways and bathroom expectations. •

These passes come in 4 styles and are free in my store! 🌱What are your bathroom procedures?

Teacher Tip! If you’re like me and have limited personal white boards for your kiddos – try this out! I cut out and added whiteboard contact paper to some old clipboard and Voilà! The contact paper was easy to apply and cleans off nicely! Another huge plus to this is that you only have to find storage for clipboards (instead of both clipboards and personal whiteboards)! WIN-WIN!